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Hey It's Me

Raelynn here! I like to describe myself as the "memory keeper".​

First thing to know about me is that photography is my greatest love affair. Everything from the small intimate moments, to delicate little details.

I am here to capture timeless photos for YOU. 

The next thing you're gonna want to know is, if I'm the perfect photographer for you...

If you feel awkward or uncomfortable in front of the camera I'm here to hype you up + create an environment where you feel candid and confident! You want a girl with years of experience that includes multiple

consultations so we can build a relationship full of trust. I am a photographer who prides myself on making your vision brought to life.


I am someone who's NOT JUST ANOTHER VENDOR. I'm a human who supports you outside your SESSION planning.


 Before I got Here

I'm a blondie from West Virgina, the youngest of a huge family, and most of my bloodstream is tacos and coffee Lol. When I'm not photographing, I love to fill my time with friends and family.  

Fun fact! Raelynn is what my Mom called me growing up, my full name is actually Rachel Lynn.

 My passion for photography all started when I was a little seven year-old, sneaking off with my big sister's camera to take pictures in our garden. Even as a young kid I've always been infatuated with looking through old family photos, feeling a sense of connection to people and moments passed.


Many moons later, photography is still my greatest passion and my #1 happy place. When I'm photographing special moments for clients or family I feel such a sense of privliege. Preserving the joyous moments in life fills my heart. 

I am in love with this job for 2 reasons:

1. Getting to express my self artistically and preserve beautiful moments in life for people 

2. Because I want the fleeting moments of life captured for my own memories


Let's Connect 

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